RTC-05: 1955 Sonata Lyrica for piano – revised 1963

Commission: ?
Length: 25 min.
Completion: 6 March 1955, Vancouver
Premiere: 1956, Vancouver, Marshall Sumner, piano (Revised, February 1963)

  1. 1974-01-27 / 13 April 1974 / 31 May 1977, Diana McIntosh, piano, Winnipeg
  2. 1985-02-1985, Alice Enns, piano, Manitoba Composers Association Concert, Eva Clare Hall, U of Manitoba

Publication: CMC
Recording: Alice Enns, piano (1985) on Robert Turner, Solo Works for Harp, Organ & Piano (2010)

In the first movement, a lyrical 13-bar theme provides the material for nine continuous variations.

The second movement is wistful and wayward in character, approximating the scherzo and trio form.

The third movement is in ternary form, with a chorale-like first and third part, and a more dramatic middle section.

In the final movement, a playful 12-tone main theme alternates with episodes based on themes from the previous movements.