RTC-13: 1958/88 The Pemberton Valley Suite

Arranged from the 1958 score to the CBC Documentary The Pemberton Valley, and dedicated “To Sara”
The score was reworked in 1988 and premiered by the WSO on 18 January 1991

Length: 30 min.
Completion: 28 September 1958 [1988?], Vancouver
Premiere:1991-01-18, Winnipeg Symphony Orch., Bramwell Tovey (cond.)
Publication: CMC

I (Prelude) Spring in the Valley

II (Chorale) Ploughing

III (Ostinato I) The Model ‘T’

IV (Ostinato II) Planting

V (Rhapsody) The Indian Village

The suite for small orchestra as arranged from the musical score to a one-hour CBC Television documentary, “The Pemberton Valley” directed by Allan King. The music originally accompanied sequences depicting rural life in that remote picturesque region of British Columbia. The five movements are self-explanatory. The score calls for flute, oboe, two clarinets, bassoon, two horns, two trumpets, trombone, timpani, percussion, harp and strings. The composer’s “A Children’s Overture” is drawn from the same score.