RTC-21: 1959 Six Voluntaries for Organ

Length: 17 min.
Premiere: 1959, December, Hugh McLean, Ryerson United Church, Vancouver, CBC Broadcast

  1. 1960, Hugh McLean, AGO Convention, Evanston, IL
  2. 1974-05-13, Barry Anderson, Knox United Church – CBC Winnipeg Centennial Festival
  3. 1974; 1982, Lawrence Ritchey, Eva Clare Hall, U of Manitoba

Publication: BMI, 1963

  1. Hugh McLean, RCA CCS-1020, RCI 226
  2. Hugh McLean, RCI Anthology: Robert Turner ACM 15, 1983
  3. Hugh McLean, Robert Turner Solo Works for Harp, Organ& Piano (2010)

These voluntaries were written for organist Hugh McLean, and were among the first of Turner`s music to be published. “These works are all based on the same twelve-tone theme, although not treated in a strict serial manner. In fact, they might be considered to be in the nature of sketches or improvisations.

The first is a “Prelude” constructed in two halves; the second being the exact retrograde of the first. The second work is a three-part “Fugue” in the style of Bach’s Trio Sonatas. The third is an “Aria” for manuals only in simple ABA form and the fourth is a Toccata for pedals only. The fifth is a “Chorale” and the last, a “Capriccio” – also in tripartite form.

CBC Winnipeg Centennial Festival, 13 May 1974