RTC-23: 1960 Serenade for Woodwind Quintet

Commission: Cassenti Players
Length: 9 min.
Completion: 9 March 1960
Premiere: 1960-04-08, Cassenti Players, CBC Vancouver Broadcast
Other: 1982-03-26, Santiago, Chile
Publication: CMC

  1. Ovation Volume 4, CBC Records, PSCD 2029-4
  2. Vancouver Woodwind Quintet (Harriet Crossland, flute, Warren Stannard, oboe, Ronald de Kant, clarinet, Robert Creech, horn and Roland Small, bassoon), CBC SM 139
  3. Vancouver Woodwind Quintet, Radio Canada International: Robert Turner ACM 15, 1983

The Serenade for woodwind quintet was commissioned by the CBC for performance on its Vancouver program Evening Concert. The Cassenti Players of that city gave the first performance in 1960. The [short 9-minute] work is in one movement of varying tempi. The first connected sections are (1) Allegretto giocoso, (2) March, (3) Adagio, (4) Waltz (variations on the March), and (5) Allegretto giocoso (recapitulation of the first section). The work is written in strict 12-tone technique. Except for the lyrical middle adagio, the work is light and mainly satirical in mood.

[Ovation 4]