RTC-40: 1972 Eidolons: 12 Images

Commission: CBC
Length: 25 min.
Premiere: 1972-09-12, CBC Vancouver Chamber Orch., John Avison (cond.), CBC Festival Vancouver
Publication: Waterloo Music

  1. CBC Vancouver Chamber Orchestra, John Avison (cond.), CBC SM 265
  2. CBC Vancouver Chamber Orchestra, John Avison (cond.), RCI, ACM 15, 1983
  3. CBC Vancouver Chamber Orchestra, John Avison (cond.), Canadian Composers Portraits, Robert Turner, Centrediscs, CMCCD 9704 (2004)

Subtitled “Twelve Images for Chamber Orchestra,” the composer has written the following notes about this work:

“Eidolons is essentially a set of variations, based throughout not on a theme but on two intervals – the fourth (perfect and augmented) and the sixth (major and minor) used melodically and harmonically. They are heard at the outset, played by the timpani and piano respectively. For me, these intervals have a particularly expressive tension, tending as they normally do to resolve to the more sonorous stable intervals of third and fifth. Employing twelve different tonalities, the twelve “images” (or variations) are arranged in four groups of three, roughly equivalent to an opening movement, slow movement, scherzo and finale. Each variation differs I mood and character and employs a different combination of instruments.”

Eidolons was commissioned by the CBC for the CBC Vancouver Chamber Orchestra which gave the first performance on 12 September 1972 at the annual CBC Festival of Music in Vancouver, BC. John Avison was the conductor.