RTC-49: 1976 From a Different Country:Concerto for Brass Quintet (Homage to Gabrieli)

Commission: CBC
Length: 11 min.
Completion: 16 Mar 1976, Winnipeg
Premiere: 1976-06-01, CBC Winnipeg Festival, WSO, Boris Brott (cond.)
Other: 1985-02-15, Brass Quintet of the Canadian Chamber Ensemble, K-W Symphony,
Agnes Grossmann (cond.)
Publication: CMC
Recording: CBC live recording of premiere, introduced by Leonard Isaacs

The title of the work – “From a Different Country” is the last line of Elizabeth Brewster’s poem “Gold Man”:

“I come from a country of slow and diffident words
of broken rhythms, of unfed feelings. 
Next time I am born I intend to come from a different country.”

The shape of the work is a single movement [in tripartite form] in which the outer parts are fast and rhythmic, enclosing a slow, lyrical section. Using a contemporary idiom and my own musical material, I have exploited many of the aspects of ‘poly-choral’ composition used by Gabrieli and members of the 16th century Venetian School; with sharp contrasts in key, mode, texture, register, timbre, metre and tempo.