RTC 55-63: 1985 Encounters I-IX

Commission: Canadian Music Competitions
Premiere: 1985-07-12/14, WSO with Canadian Music Competition Finalists, Arthur Polson (cond.)
Other :

  • 1985-07-15, Encounter IX, Alain Trudel, trombone, WSO, Kazuhiro Koizumi (cond.)
  • 2001-11-02, Flutennany, Robert Ford, Brandon Chamber Players, Pat Carrabré
  • 2005-05-26, The Old Sea’s Pride for horn & concert band, Centennial Hall, Winnipeg

Publication: CMC

RTC-55 I Flutennanny for flute & string orchestra, with harp 4 June-31 August 1984

The title “Flutennanny” of this work for solo flute, string orchestra and harp is derived from the word “hootenanny” which means “gadget” or “an informal gathering at which folksingers perform.” The piece was composed in 1984-85 and commissioned by Canadian Music Competitions with a grant from the Manitoba Arts Council. It is one of nine short works for different soloists and orchestra written for a competition in Winnipeg in 1985. Since no flutist was competing as a finalist, this will be its premier performance. Like the other eight pieces, it endeavours to exploit the range and technique of the instrument (or voice) and it incorporates two flute themes from a previous work.

RTC-56 II Spring Greetings for clarinet & string orchestra, with piano
RTC-57 III Shadows, Like Lost Souls for violin & full orchestra
RTC-58 IV A Great Quiet and a Still Home for cello & full orchestra
RTC-59a V Ebb Tide for high voice & full orchestra – not performed at CMC
RTC-59b Ebb Tide for low voice & full orchestra
RTC-60 VI The Wind’s and the Wave’s Riot for piano & full orchestra
RTC-61 VII Shepherd on the Make for oboe & string orchestra, with percussion – not performed at CMC
RTC-62 VIII The Old Sea’s Pride for horn & full orchestra – not performed at CMC
RTC-63 IX The Strong Thunder of the Full Straits for trombone & full orchestra 8 May 1985